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Antiparos / Athens Floisvos Marina

Navi Oceandis began its history in Antiparos island. This beautiful and sheltered harbor has been and continues to be our base. From here our boats start their daily charters and sail all over the Aegean. Due to the geographical position of the island of Antiparos, access to other islands such as Sifnos, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Schinoussa, Koufonisia, Rhenia, Delos, is very easy and fast. The port of Antiparos is a natural harbor protected from the strong northern winds that blow in the summer. From 2022, our Navi Concierge office will also operate in the port of Antiparos.


Also, from 2022 our company has a base in Athens, specifically in the Marina of Flisvos.
The regeneration of the Athenian Riviera combined with the clear blue waters that someone can enjoy very close to Athens, was the reason for the creation of a modern base to serve the tourism of Athens. Aegina, Moni, Agistri, Hydra, Poros, Spetses are just some of the islands that a family or a group of friends can explore on a day charter. Flisvos Marina is located 7 minutes from the center of Athens.

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