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Navi Oceandis

 Our fleet is composed of state of the art boats, designed to cater to passengers’ needs at any given time. Equipped with sophisticated security systems and offering all modern conveniences, our fleet is ready to offer you great experiences around the Greek islands. All our vessels are captained by professional skippers who aim to safely transport guests as well as cater to the needs and expectations of each individual passenger. Acknowledging the fact that a summer vacation is a precious experience to be shared by a family, a couple or a group of friends, we aim to fully utilise our guests’ time while at sea in the best possible way. Our boats can be chartered also, as villa & yacht tenders, or as private transfer boats between Greek islands. Discover first-hand all the hidden treasures of the Aegean sea. Enjoy the unique crystalline waters of the Greek sea and beaches and experience Greek summer, as it should be experienced, under the magic of the sun.

New Construction

Navi Oceandis is here to offer you the optimum support in the construction of your boat, through a consulting role and from a practical standpoint. An analysis of your individual requirements combined with our technical expertise will help you choose the best shipyard, boat type and equipment. We will fully project manage the construction of your boat, making sure it adheres to the defined timelines all the way to its diligent completion. The outcome will be tailor made to the owner’s requirements.


Managing, maintaining, optimally utilising and manning a vessel with adept personnel are the keys to success. To Navi Oceandis, each boat is unique. Managing a boat is a job that never stops. Aside from our business support service, we also offer technical and legal advice as well as a service to man each boat according to the specified requirements.



Concierge Services

The Navi Oceandis team and its network across the Greek islands is ready to cater, in a timely manner, to any and every need which may arise before, during and following the completion of each charter. Restaurant bookings at high-profile venues, supplying your vessel with wine or food, organising events or parties for you and your friends are just some of the services we are able to offer you.

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